Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What`s your opinion?

When I come back in Belgium on September, I`ll begin to work for a compagnie located in the center of Brussels. Up to now I was living with my family, which means a long time of traffic jam every morning to go to downtown. So, from October I`d like to share a house with friends. It`d be a big change for me, as I`ve never lived in colocation. At the begin, we were supposed to be three of us sharing an accomodation, but now two others friends decided to join us. I`m a little bit afraid of the number. Five persons sharing a house, it`s a lot in one time! I`m really exited but at the same time, I don`t know how it gonna be... Maybe Could you give me a piece of advides, in order deal with this situation?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Vancouver adventure

The `misadventure` I`m thinking about took place on my birthday. Since I `d only been in Vancouver for one week, I hadn`t met yet lots of people. However, three nice students of Tamwood proposed to spend the day with me in Stanley Park. We agreed upon an appointment at 10 am in a cafe. But, as I still didn`t know well Vancouver, I waited at the wrong place. One hour later, I finally decided to move on alone. Although being disappointed, I was decided to spend a nice birthday.
I had been walking for one hour in Stanley Park when I crossed my friends. It was unexpected, as the park is really vast. Such a coincidence is not that common! We were happy to meet again, and decided to visit the aquarium. Finally, as the misadventure turned into an adventure,I really enjoyed the day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

That Belgian woman had been the best tennis player in the world during several months when she decided to stop her carriere one month ago.

That politician women has been released by the FARC yesterday after having spent more than 6 years in captivity.

That Russian journalist was murdered one year ago because she was fighting for the rights of Tchechen people.

That Italian politician was reelected even though having been accused of corruption.

That politician betrayed his wife while being the Persident of the USA